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CAD Bills

(19 customer reviews)


Buy CAD Notes that meets government standard like never before, indistinguishable to the touch, sight and money detectors. Pricing very moderate so that everyone can be able to afford for better living.


If you are reading this it means you visited Gulf Monetary Company Counterfeit Selling Website.

Probably after reading this the next thing to do is to make an order for counterfeit bills and then relax, while waiting for your delivery in the shortest possible time.

But before you go on to place an order with us, we wish you understand a little bit about us and our product before you buy, so that we are certain you are sure about your choice to get rich through the hard ways which is truly the only way, since buying and selling of counterfeit is completely illegal in the United States and all over the world.

We are quality dealers who have worked for many years earning millions of money in the bank from this business. We have been in the business for more than 8 years and we clearly understand all the difficulties and the police risk involve in trading counterfeit bills. It is because of this long time experience that we have been able to build a delivery system that is untraceable even by the highest counterfeit money investigator. We know exactly what we are doing and we are sure about it too.

We made some few mistakes when we just started then in 2010 and some of our couriers got caught a couple of times by the police before we learned our lesson. That sucks though and it cost us a whole lot of money to take them out.

However it was a lesson well learned because something like that has never repeat itself for the last 6 year.

We package our bills in camouflage container undetectable even by dogs. We do face to face delivery only when we are very sure We have build a great deal of secret agents working with in the custom and police who monitor our ways upfront before we ever pass through.

Even though we hide our bills very well, we still ensure having agents amongst the authorities to quickly fix things should anything go wrong and we pay them hugely every week for that.

We encourage clients to make use of bills within a maximum of 8 to 10 months since we continuously update our printing technology to counteract the banks effort in looking for new technology to detect ours.

Our bills can be used anywhere including ATM, supermarkets, casinos, etc.

Our main objective in selling bills is to strike a balance between the poor and the rich politicians who keeps everything for themselves.

We wish you all the best on you way to financial freedom, just do us a favor by living a review on our site after receiving and testing our bills. Also do well to tell your friends the good news, to help us sell more while they also get rich.

Kind Regards.


19 reviews for CAD Bills

  1. Victor Malcom

    You guys are the best I have ever came across with such trusted business partner I’m hoping to make my money worth it . Thank you all

  2. Bolby

    Always professional and answers questions. Shipping has been a little slow this is an issue with Ups. Gulf Monetary has always shipped as promised. Highly recommend! I will continue to buy their products as I need.

  3. DDK

    Everything came as ordered and on point as usual. And yeah it took 2 days to make it three states north. But fedex is entirely seperate , and gulf monetary is continually simple and effective in every step in the ordering process. Thanks guys.

  4. Tanner Montogmery

    I’ve never had a problem with any of my orders I’m very pleased with how fast the shipping was and I have always received what I paid for, however the solution’s lately have been very inconsistent some of them are weaker than others but all the other products on this website are excellent quality and good prices.

  5. Sabrina Watson

    We used the website upon a friend’s recommendation and my fiance and I knew what exactly what we wanted. So we did not use many features of them, we only choose the the bills ordered them. The only part I can actually review is payment process. We used Bitcoin payment option it was nice. The buying process mostly was easy. Liked the system. I will probably be using Gulf Monetary Company in the future for other bills , too.

  6. Logan Patrick

    Got the package 👍 , Lol I thought you guys would have been so generous in putting in a little bit of treat in addition to what I ordered considering you’ll know the rate of referral I do in growing your business Around my area and also as a consistent Customer being in business with you for a very long time. I’m just saying if I could get some kind of compensation or treat for the year ends something small would be perfect not much definitely that would increase a stronger bond btw our business relationship 100%. Thanks

  7. Paul B Havranek

    I would like 2 thank U for how quick my order was recieved. After your payment recieved mail , I got an e-mail from my fedex store saying I had multiple packages 2 pick up. This was in A 3 day time period. That was impressive since last 2 orders took 2 days respectively. .
    Again , Thank U for your quick service & I will B ordering again as soon as I can get more $ which looks Jan 1st.

  8. Pablo

    Everything went great they worked well even during the pandemic. they helped me get a settlement that i can afford.

  9. Dawn Gravley

    Your team is awesome and friendly as well

  10. Ciara Porter

    I continue to buy from this amazing company.I love the quality of their products and was pleasantly surprised I ordered my on a thursday afternoon and they arrived on Saturday evening. Just amazing would highly used them again

  11. Kennedy Vandosa

    Is it ok to buy 3 different counterfeit bills ? Cuz I would want my order to be Soo not like last time when I had to purchase just a single CAD currency

  12. James Lil

    Great range of products at great prices, purchases arrive well packaged & on time as guaranteed. Good seller/business to deal with I’ve made multiple purchases .

  13. Terry B

    My order came in just in time as early as expected and I was told by my friend that you’ll provide discount benefits on long term clients who have been purchasing from you so I hope my name gets included on that list soon .

  14. Katrina Johnson

    Easy process and great work.Gulf Monetary Company and the crew exceeded my expectations. I will be using them in the future.

  15. Sarah Beringer

    Just received my package from Gulf Monetary C and I think the quality is amazing. The shipping was so fast too! I plan on being a loyal customer from now on for all my bills needs.

  16. John Terpko

    Wow! So impressed with the quality. A-1. Shipping was fast. Will order again and let my dog friends know that this is the ONLY place to buy bills.Thank you.

  17. Linda

    “After talking to multiple agents throughout the evening about my issue with delivery (many not helpful) Richard D was extremely helpful and sorted it out straight…”

  18. Erica Payne

    Overall experience was good, the only issue we have was that the product pictures would load rather slowly, not fast enough.”

  19. Samatha

    Best place to buy bills. They even have a layaway option if you don’t have all the money at once. Very easy company to work with. I am a repeat customer, and always receive good products from them.

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