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USD Bills

(32 customer reviews)


Buy USD Bills that meets government standard like never before, indistinguishable to the touch, sight and money detectors. Pricing very moderate so that everyone can be able to afford for better living.

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If you are reading this it means you visited Gulf Monetary Company Counterfeit Selling Website.

Probably after reading this the next thing to do is to make an order for counterfeit bills and then relax, while waiting for your delivery in the shortest possible time.

But before you go on to place an order with us, we wish you understand a little bit about us and our product before you buy, so that we are certain you are sure about your choice to get rich through the hard ways which is truly the only way, since buying and selling of counterfeit is completely illegal in the United States and all over the world.

We are quality dealers who have worked for many years earning millions of money in the bank from this business. We have been in the business for more than 8 years and we clearly understand all the difficulties and the police risk involve in trading counterfeit bills. It is because of this long time experience that we have been able to build a delivery system that is untraceable even by the highest counterfeit money investigator. We know exactly what we are doing and we are sure about it too.

We made some few mistakes when we just started then in 2010 and some of our couriers got caught a couple of times by the police before we learned our lesson. That sucks though and it cost us a whole lot of money to take them out.

However it was a lesson well learned because something like that has never repeat itself for the last 6 year.

We package our bills in camouflage container undetectable even by dogs. We do face to face delivery only when we are very sure We have build a great deal of secret agents working with in the custom and police who monitor our ways upfront before we ever pass through.

Even though we hide our bills very well, we still ensure having agents amongst the authorities to quickly fix things should anything go wrong and we pay them hugely every week for that.

We encourage clients to make use of bills within a maximum of 8 to 10 months since we continuously update our printing technology to counteract the banks effort in looking for new technology to detect ours.

Our bills can be used anywhere including ATM, supermarkets, casinos, etc.

Our main objective in selling bills is to strike a balance between the poor and the rich politicians who keeps everything for themselves.

We wish you all the best on you way to financial freedom, just do us a favor by living a review on our site after receiving and testing our bills. Also do well to tell your friends the good news, to help us sell more while they also get rich.

Kind Regards.


32 reviews for USD Bills

  1. Paul Haryson

    Thank you all I just received my delivery and surprised it was made by the actual FedEx agency because I was anxious I was gonna get something like a carrier and some extra fee like the last time which I ordered from another website but i was surprised to have seen the FedEx van pulling over at the estimated time to deliver my order . You all are indeed true to your word I sure do hope on making my next purchase soon and I do appreciate you guys keep up the good work

  2. Kevin Long

    Very very pleased with everything, I’ve went through other places before coming here and have yet to receive my package from the other places this was very quick and exactly what I ordered I definitely plan on continued business


    Quality is important to me and that’s exactly what I get with Gulf Monetary Company . Shipping is quick and Tracking is provided as soon as a lable is created. I just wish they offered a larger variety of rbills.

  4. Randy Kiyah

    I’m impressed by the quality of the notes they are indeed polymer in nature identical to our current notes we used and they seem very Undetectable and already tried my local ATM test which I usually do before using the notes and they seemed approved so good work to you all and keep up . Thanks

  5. Mike D.

    Best prices and products in the US when u wrap it all up. 2 day shipping, trustworthy, good prices, and quality products. The only thing that could be better would be more variety but I won’t mark that against them.. Even gotten refunds for products I didn’t need anymore. Good company, appreciate them.

  6. Xavier Querila

    Lol just wanted to say it’s been a great year and I hope the bond between our business relationship continues growing stronger as long as we keep being true to our word as promised. Happy Holidays and wish y’all more Love the year comes to an end

  7. Phoebe

    This past order was nothing less than the excellent and highly proffesional service I have come to expect froM Gulf Monetary .
    They truly care about their customers and it really shows! With everything; from how on top of it they are handling your order & getting it processed/on it’s way to you ASAP, to answering all of your emails & any questions you may have…
    to the great care they put into their product. Great company all around!!

  8. Bryan Michael

    Another, amazingly, happy customer. Everything thing from start to finish was, and has always been, seamless. Thank you again Gulf for your authenticity, integrity and being the #1 vendor out there.

  9. Carter Nas

    So don’t you guys do giveaways to consistent customers I feel like asking because I have been doing business with you all for about a year now and it’s a year ends can’t you just spare some notes and do a little giveaway to customers .

  10. Cleoy Geraldine

    Can you respond I contacted you guys on WhatsApp I need help paying with Bitcoins . Thanks

  11. Leo Schlosberg

    Great website with clear and accurate information. And the staff was very patient, helpful and thorough. Recommend very highly.

  12. Samatha

    This is not the first time that I have purchased through online service .

    This was however is one worth the mention. Excellent customer service, flawless follow-up and incredible delivery overall.

    Thank you. I look forward to new discoveries.

  13. Hellen Connel

    Referred by a friend I’ll admit when I did paid for it upfront I was kinda skeptical about getting ripped but my delivery was made on schedule and a cross checked on the amount I ordered and it shows they were all correct in number exactly what I ordered no hold ups or delay and nothing like insurance you guys are the best .

  14. Glodia Narthalia

    Love the quality and materials used on your notes . Sincerely I thought they were just Plastic or paper but I was shocked and kinda Happy because the notes were more polymer in nature and seemed Not to be detected at all even at my local bank a pen was written on it but it still Accepted too so I really do appreciate your quality and work . Good job I’ll hope on doing more business with you all for sure

  15. Bryan

    My second order with Gulf Monetary Company and I’m extremely satisfied with the quality of products, customer service, and shipping times. The shipping was surprisingly fast even right before christmas time. I won’t be going anywhere else for my research. So glad I got to do business with you. Thank you!!!

  16. M.B.

    I have to say if you are in a situation and need assistance with getting things right . Gulf Monetary Company is going to be a company that will be by your side and delivers exactly what they say and more. Ken worked out what I thought would never be possible. They achieved beyond what I could imagine. I actually had to take a minute or so to let it all sink in of what they accomplished with the offer. I appreciate everything that they did to protect me while going through the process. The whole Gulf Monetary Company team is a caring group of professionals that will work and put in the extra time needed for you. I appreciate you guys more than words can express.

  17. Adriana

    5+ – Very professional team. My special thank to Ivan. Got everything as promised, during all process always I had updates and quickly answers for all questions. You may trust!

  18. Steven Rogers

    They were honest, did not promise unrealistic ideas . Ivan was very helpful, even stayed in touch when he had to work from home after being exposed to covid-19. Yes I’d recommend Gulf Monetary Company.

  19. Juvy

    Just made my first order, I hope everything comes throught, and will work .Thanks Gulfmonetarycompany

  20. Maria Jefferson

    “This company comes highly recommended they answered all my questions immediately and gave me the information I urgently needed super fast WE B HA CK ER VI LLE …”

  21. Tony Francisca

    Hubby and I have been using these notes all year long they made our year soo easy. High quality notes

  22. Burn S

    They were very professional and friendly ,services are quite good, the staff I related with were knowledgeable and nice

  23. M B

    2nd time purchasing these good products. Website user friendly and customer service seems to be good.

  24. Christian C

    Amazing bills for the price, super fast shipping! I have been raving about Gulf Monetary Company to all my friends. Would definitely recommend to anyone on a budget!

  25. Tammy Gailey Wilshire

    Gulf Monetary Company has the absolute best customer service hands down. I’ve had a couple of issues in the 3 months I’ve been a subscriber but they always handle everything

  26. Edith

    Gulf has put me in touch with very helpful responsive professionals.

  27. Leanne

    Love these company .very secure. Great turnaround time and customer service. Definitely will buy again

  28. RosiM

    Gulf Monetary Company contacted me after my order to ensure what I ordered was really what I wanted. Through a few email exchanges we came up with engraving for my bills that I am truly happy with and so glad I didn’t go with what I had originally planned! The bills is so well made, legible, quiet, and definitely is made to last. I already recommended them to at least one friend, and would not hesitate to send others their way. Shipping even during COVID delays was fast and easy! Thank you guys again!

  29. Debra

    Easy to customize information and order. It arrived quickly and looks perfect. Great price and quality.

  30. Bryan

    “My favourite company! I have been purchasing items through Gulf Monetary Company and Favour since December 2020 and to this day I absolutely adore the company.

  31. Lorn Cooper

    My experience with Gulfmonetarycompany has been exceptional, my partner was very informal on all aspects of coverages to help me determine the best one for me. He was knowledgeable, polite, and extremely helpful in assisting in the process of completing all necessary. Again he was exceptional and I will recommend to anyone needing fake bills .
    Thank you for everything.

  32. Tracey

    Smooth transaction. Easy process. Easy to find what you are looking for exactly on their site with the filters. Can’t wait to get my bills and see just how much I love it.

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