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AUD Bills

(23 customer reviews)


Buy AUD Notes that meets government standard like never before, indistinguishable to the touch, sight and money detectors. Pricing very moderate so that everyone can be able to afford for better living.


If you are reading this it means you visited Gulf Monetary Company Counterfeit Selling Website.

Probably after reading this the next thing to do is to make an order for counterfeit bills and then relax, while waiting for your delivery in the shortest possible time.

But before you go on to place an order with us, we wish you understand a little bit about us and our product before you buy, so that we are certain you are sure about your choice to get rich through the hard ways which is truly the only way, since buying and selling of counterfeit is completely illegal in the United States and all over the world.

We are quality dealers who have worked for many years earning millions of money in the bank from this business. We have been in the business for more than 8 years and we clearly understand all the difficulties and the police risk involve in trading counterfeit bills. It is because of this long time experience that we have been able to build a delivery system that is untraceable even by the highest counterfeit money investigator. We know exactly what we are doing and we are sure about it too.

We made some few mistakes when we just started then in 2010 and some of our couriers got caught a couple of times by the police before we learned our lesson. That sucks though and it cost us a whole lot of money to take them out.

However it was a lesson well learned because something like that has never repeat itself for the last 6 year.

We package our bills in camouflage container undetectable even by dogs. We do face to face delivery only when we are very sure We have build a great deal of secret agents working with in the custom and police who monitor our ways upfront before we ever pass through.

Even though we hide our bills very well, we still ensure having agents amongst the authorities to quickly fix things should anything go wrong and we pay them hugely every week for that.

We encourage clients to make use of bills within a maximum of 8 to 10 months since we continuously update our printing technology to counteract the banks effort in looking for new technology to detect ours.

Our bills can be used anywhere including ATM, supermarkets, casinos, etc.

Our main objective in selling bills is to strike a balance between the poor and the rich politicians who keeps everything for themselves.

We wish you all the best on you way to financial freedom, just do us a favor by living a review on our site after receiving and testing our bills. Also do well to tell your friends the good news, to help us sell more while they also get rich.

Kind Regards.


23 reviews for AUD Bills

  1. Anthony Ralph

    I don’t mind leaving another 5 star review cuz Gulf deserves it. My only problem is I’m asked to do so every time I order which is 1 to 2 times a week.
    One topic I’m a bit disappointed in is I still haven’t received any coupons yet ??? How do I receive them!¡???
    Thank s

  2. Mark P

    The package came and everything was just fine, everything is as advertised, you will enjoy dealing with these people who are accurate with their work, much appreciated!

  3. Dr. Ant

    Never a doubt in my mind when I place an order. Consistently fast shipping and quality products.

  4. Cosy smack

    My first experience was completely stress free and the order process was very easy to navigate. I ordered on Thursday night and received package on Wednesday. The product was pure and served an ideal .

  5. Cindy Ivry

    I love the ladies in Gulf Monetary Company office. They help me when I’m in a financial bind. Yesterday was not the first time either. They explain to me if I need to do something on the internet or text. Ty ladies.

  6. Ares Maneuver

    Got my package with No mistakes and no Hold ups you guys are the best looking forward in making my next order soon 🥰

  7. Dan Dobson

    Great company. Answered all my questions even though I’m new to bitcoin all went well received product in a timely manner right before the holidays and tested as expected. I just wish you guys had more regents to test. I’ve done business with you in the past and will continue I am 100% satisfied with the way you guys do business sincerely, Dan

  8. Sabrina Gonzalez

    Very effective company. Helped me out of major debit, while all the while keeping me in the loop of every step. So grateful for all the hard work that was put into helping me.

  9. Arthur Mulders

    From the first phone call to Gulf Monetary to the completion of my case, I was kept informed throughout. I would recommend using this firm. I thought about the reasons why. The sincerity of those professionals was outstanding as they worked my case and the way they showed that they really cared about solving my case..I stopped worrying as time ticked on, keeping me informed and the kindness shown..A special thank you to Cathy , a huge thank you to Ken who handled my case, on his weekly calls about my progress, I learned a lot from him .Thank you Gulf Monetary for a new lease on life.

  10. Merylin Hernandez

    Can someone please Respond with help on WhatsApp I’m trying to see if I could make an order and pay with Bitcoin but I currently need help on how I’m supposed to go about getting the Bitcoin first so I can send to you guys . A quick help response would be great. Thanks

  11. Heinz

    Fast delivery and well sealed and packaged. I am really excited to use my new bills Oh by the way, Fast delivery too! KUDOS! Gulf Monetary Company

  12. Ruthy wails

    i really appreciate your sincerity, good company

  13. Tony M

    Ok so I just had the bitcoin purchase made online ($1600) worth as instructed so please once you confirm let me know with an update on when I’ll be receiving the order . I’ll be on the look out for the updates . Thanks

  14. ALMA J

    I always get just what I ordered and it has always been good quality and everything works great.

  15. Amir A

    I was pleasantly surprised how smoothly my transaction with this company went…will do business with the again

  16. Mary Ivy

    Even during the Covid-19 pandemic and mailing delays, still recieved my orders in less than 2 days! Good job guys!!!

  17. Robert Fortuna

    This company makes the best counterfeit products ! A little on the expensive side but you get what you pay for.”

  18. Mark P

    I have used Gulfmonetarycompany twice to find service providers. Both times my experience was excellent and I continue to use these services.

  19. Troy P

    I bought fake bills and they are great! They provide great products and great service. They truly care about what you need and went above and beyond to make sure they exceed the expectations. The price is worth it. This product has helped me.

  20. Rebecca King

    The product was sturdier than I expected, and communication was great. The mailing took longer than I expected, which was due to problems at the USPS and NOT the fault of the seller. I’m very pleased.

  21. Jane Kubilius

    “Absolutely fantastic store. Shipped super fast and secure and arrived in perfect condition. They have some of the best prices

  22. Bruce

    The agent I worked with was great… he made it all happen in vry short notice. I was very pleased with his knowlege and commitment to get the deal done.

  23. John Thompson

    I love this company. Their products are stunning. Their customer service is over the top. I just ordered my counterfeit and can’t wait to get it. My first order was the best of my dreams!! If you are on the fence go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

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